Sequence Analysis Web Sites


Internet Sequence Analysis Algorithm Checklist

Here is a list of sequence analysis web sites that I have found to be useful.
The list is keyed to the lessons in my Biological Sequence Analysis Course.

Lesson 1: Unix

Lesson 2: Sequence Analysis File Formats and Databases

Lesson 3: Sequence Comparison and Alignment

Lesson 4: Database Searching by Sequence

Lesson 5: Multiple Sequence Alignment

Lesson 6: Profile Methods

Lesson 7: Mapping, Primer Design, and RNA Secondary Structure Prediction

Lesson 8: Genomic Analysis

Lesson 9: Protein Secondary Structure Prediction

Lesson 10: Molecular Systematics

Lesson 11: Functional Genomics I: Microarray Analysis

Lesson 12: Functional Genomics II: Functional Databases

Lesson 13: Functional Genomics III: RNASeq

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